A very strong piece. However, I think the answer is, at least from my point of view from America, a bit simpler. Those who rip these posters down see the conflict through a simplistic, left-wing lens, namely: Israel is the evil settler colonial power; Hamas and the Palestinians are their victims. Israel is the oppressor, Hamas and the Palestinians are the oppressed. Any evidence that muddies this picture must be, from their point of view, expunged. That is also why 10/7 Massacre Denial is already going on.

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Michael, I want to go along for the ride with your excellent writing, but I cannot. It's just simple Jew-hatred. Nothing new, nothing to dissect and analyze. There is no "reason" behind the hate. They don't see themselves, or a negation of their beliefs in Amelia's face. They see a devil, to be erased from the face of the Earth. The philosophy of life has been simplified: Us or Them. There is no middle ground. Everyone must make a stand.

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Anti-Semitism in its most ugly form is spreading here in the UK; it's everywhere but our universities accommodate many of the worst outbreaks, as the woke nonsense which has permeated our institutions so successfully has provided cover in the form of intersectionality and CRT.

Jewish schools have closed, or have guards posted; Jewish people are insulted and jeered at; the mobs colonising our streets chant 'From the river to the sea' and 'Khaybar, khaybar, ya Yahud', while the cops watch-seemingly cowed by the mobs' weight of numbers.




I am a Gentile, a loyal friend of Israel and our Jewish communities, and I despair at the rapid spread of this poison,which to me, is the ancient scapegoating tactic, the result of the left's crackdown on 'hate speech' and the need for an acceptable outlet for all that repressed self righteous disdain.

Israel is subjected to blatant double standards-the UN's talking heads come to mind; the hypocrisy and irrationality plain for all to see: Israel is denounced for genocide and accused of war crimes by an army of useful idiots and thoroughly bad actors, while Iran now chairs the UN Human Rights Commission.

This febrile groupthink now threatens stability and cohesion ; recent events on our streets and in our institutions a modern replication of 1930s Germany

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"Anti-Zionists, anti-Semites" different names for the same thing: Jew Hatred.

As for why, I think Friedrich Nietzsche, who was himself a world class Jew Hater, explained it best in "On The Genealogy of Morals". He explains that the morality taught by Jews (and their Christian disciples) is a slave morality that prevents the strong from doing what they wish and exercising their powers. Jew Hatred is resentment of the morality that condemns their deepest desires. What they want is to do what they did on October 7 and glory in it, and in doing that kill any idea that there is something wrong with what they do.

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I think pieces like this need to be written and I am glad, Michael Oren is writing them. Eloquent, sobering, yet direct and soul-piercing. The point of the article is that the evil and callous behavior we are seeing is not from obvious jack-booted villains marching down the avenues of a land they occupy; it is the average American college student. And as Michael conveyed, the hatred they supposedly feel for Jews has caused a cognitive dissonance that is filling them with hatred for themselves as their entire world-view has been called into question. Basic psychology meets mob mentality. Never has the future of America been more bleak I fear.

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Watch the videos here, especially the comments of the young protest supporters: this does keep me awake at night, as I watch the seduction of middle class left wing useful idiots by radical Islamism and our establishment's years of capitulation to its steady encroachment.

Rampant anti-Semitism is here and the aims of the nihilist Hamas death cult are never questioned, as can be seen in the video.The massacre of October the 7th is airily dismissed or denounced as 'misinformation'.

In a few years' time, our useful idiots with their luxury beliefs, fostered by their righteous middle class norms, will join with the rapidly growing Islamic movement and take up positions in most of our institutions, both public, corporate and international.

Will our democracy survive? Will our Jewish communities leave us, for Israel and elsewhere?

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Michal, thank you. Shared!

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They tear down the poster for the same reason they burn and destroy Israeli lives and homes - ENVY. They see Amelia on a lamp post or her community through the fence and are reminded of their self-inflicted humiliations (nachbas) and of everything they and their communities are not: beautiful, happy, vibrant, open, free, liberal, optimistic, positive, creative, contributing, developing, peaceful and inspiring. Easier to tear down others than to change themselves.

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