This issue of not naming things as they are, and then occasionally arbitrarily departing from this self-invented rule, comes from the media’s attempt at a phony impartiality. It sometimes also strikes me as a deliberate provocation when the inappropriateness of the term is so glaring as it is in this case.

On the bright side, some people are capable of learning. Perhaps it was due to the impassioned plea from ADL’s Greenblatt, but the MSNBC anchors (of all places) have the word “terrorist” with i creasing frequency. Hamas’ unspeakable brutality cannot be ignored and seems to be having the opposite effect this terror intended. Even Amanpour (who still has much to do on this topic) did not refer to the murder of your friend as having occurred in a “shootout”.

Here’s an idea I’ve been mulling for you to consider. I know Hamas will reject both aspects of what I propose but for public perception I think it’s important.

First, before entering Gaza, the IDF demands Hamas’ unconditional surrender. That will remind the public that this is a lawfully declared war on a foreign territory and not some internal police action.

Second, after entering Gaza and as the IDF encircles the targeted areas, it demands that Hamas open a humanitarian corridor to allow for the civilians and hostages (including the two previously there) to escape to safety along with the bodies of all dead IDF soldiers (including the two fro 2014).

As I said, Hamas will reject both because they need dead bodies. If there’s someway to shut down or at least interfere with transmissions from Gaza, that might help in the media War.

The US and Israel should try to get Arab officials to publicly link Hamas to its Iranian paymaster in order to paint a picture of Gazans as captives of the Iranians who need liberating. While we know this in untrue and that many support Hamas in its goal of destroying Israel and not living peacefully side by side, the end game will require the creation of the myth similar to post-WWII Germany (no one joined the Party voluntarily).

After Hamas is uprooted, Egypt and Saudi Arabia should be invited in to oversee Gaza’s security, coordinate its reconstruction and the creation of a true civil society and economy. That will show they in fact do care for Palestinians, justifying the expansion of the Abraham Accords and perhaps offering an alternative to the PA after Abbas’ demise.

Just some thoughts, perhaps delusional, but why not aim for this result. Go Lions!

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Avoiding use of the term 'terrorists' or 'terrorist group' is common in much of the mainstream media for more than just Hamas . It has nothing to do with any bias against Israel or Jews. The NYT didn't typically refer to the IRA or ETA as terrorists either.

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Not true. The BBC always called the IRA terrorists.

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I sent you a private email using the contact info at your website.

I know this is a long shot, but please take a look at - if it is meant to be, I know you and people you know can make it happen.

God bless us all!

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